Long Hair Don't Care, 18oz (Feb 2020 Arrival)
Long Hair Don't Care, 18oz (Feb 2020 Arrival)

Long Hair Don't Care, 18oz (Feb 2020 Arrival)

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Life can be busy at times! Travelling, working, studying, looking after our homes, taking care of our children, ourselves… and our curls! When our life’s schedules take a toll on our curly brains, we strive for simplicity, and this includes our hair product choices. We all value products that we can multi-task with. Personally, when life is busy, I want three basic things from a single conditioner:

  1. A conditioner that is suitable for co-washing;
  2. A conditioner that feels hydrating when left in the hair;
  3. A conditioner that does not cause any build-up side effects.

This conditioner right here makes your curls shine, it doesn’t build up and it cleanses well when used as a co-wash. You can use it as a leavein, on naked-curl-days or use it as leavein before your gel for extra moisture! 

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