Honest Hand-Holding
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Honest Hand-Holding

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Is your hair not as gorgeous as it should be? Do these products overwhelm you? If you need help, I'm here! 

The Consulting Process

Here's how it works.
  1. You choose this option and checkout. 
  2. I'll send you an email with a survey.
  3. After you fill out your answers on this special survey, I'll look through your requirements, and send you a recommended list of products and tips. 
And, yeah, er, that's it.

What if you already have products, and just want help with using them?

Heck, that's even easier. Just make sure to add details in the survey. 

The Pricing

A full consultation session covering the survey, and a collection of my own, personal tips and tricks will cost just Rs. 999 (at least that’s how much I get to keep after taxes!)

The Payoff

What's in it for you?

Well, I've spent the last year using a ton of different products in my hair and making mistakes so you don't have to. I can talk you through how to use different shampoos, conditioners, clay masks, brushes, dryers, sprays, gels, and more!

Disclaimer: But Liz, what if it doesn't work? It takes two to tango :) So I will do my best to guide you and you have to do your best to follow instructions carefully to achieve results! I am not a doctor, but I do speak from my experience. Each of us will have a different experience and this is just a stepping stone towards that ultimate goal of hair health! If some methods or products don't work, we will still work together until you reach that point of confidence to go out and trust your hair and use things to meet your hair needs. I'm here for you.  

Email response turnaround time is generally 5-10 working days.  Thanks for waiting patiently <3

The consultation is for a one-time product recommendation which is based on your survey answers. For regular concerns, there should ideally be a monthly subscription but there isn’t any at the moment. This is a service and I believe, with dignity of labor considering, all services should be paid. 
Once you get my email recommendation and the products from this store, if recommended, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about them. 
You are also free to join my Telegram/Whatsapp group (if you aren’t a part of it already, let me know) and ask your questions there, it is a forum and your questions are always answered there.

And what's in it for me?

My goal isn't to hawk the products I sell. If there's something on my store that I think will work for you, I'll tell you. If there's something that will work for you that you can get on Amazon, I'll tell you that also. My goal here is to save your hair. It's that simple.

Let's Save Your hair!