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Copacabana Beach Collection

Cachos Brazil

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Copacabana Beach Collection
Copacabana Beach Collection
Copacabana Beach Collection

It includes top sellers, to be applied in this order, also known as the LCO method!

All three products are 4oz each! WHAT.A.STEAL! 

    1. Rio Mist Leave-in Conditioner
    2. Brazilian Combing Creme, and
    3. Low Porosity Hair Elixir

Learn more about how to solve the biggest curly hair problem - frizz - with this method, read the full article here.


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Thank you💚 @lorascurlyhair🔥 #repost Product Review: Cachos Brazil Copacabana Collection ~ ~ . I was sent this this sweet collection of summer goodies by @cachosbrazilhaircare last month and have been experimenting with them in my routines ever since. I finally feel comfortable giving a full review which is perfect because it is now back in stock after selling out previously ! ... . ☀️ Low Porosity Hair Elixir - as a disclaimer, I only use oils very sparingly. I find that too much weighs down my hair and causes build up. This oil, however, is an excellent choice for low porosity hair that is easily weighed down like mine. I use a couple drops on my scalp to loosen up flakes before I wash. I also will smooth a couple drops on my bleached areas when they become dry and frizzy (check out the shine, picture on the left). A little goes a long way for me, so this bottle will definitely last me ... .


☀️ Rio Mist Leave-in Conditioner - This is probably the lightest leave-in I have which makes it very versatile. I got one of my favorite voluminous wash day results using this as my leave-in (middle picture)! If you want more definition, you can add more of this product or layer with a second leave-in ... .


☀️ Brazilian Combing Cream - This is my FAVORITE product in the collection. The smell is divine (think fresh mangos), and it is another amazingly versatile product. I love using it as a detangling cream in the shower before I wash and also as a leave-in. I was worried that it would weigh down my fine low porosity curls, but it doesn’t at all (picture on the right - light yet defined). It holds for days and allows for easy refreshes. I am on day 5 right now with this as my leave-in. I REALLY love this combing cream

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