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Cholesterol Condition Cap (Free Size)

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Cholesterol Condition Cap (Free Size)

Whether you have low porosity or high porosity hair, adding heat to your weekly deep conditioning routine is always a good idea. Use this cap after a hot oil treatment, a DIY deep conditioning mask or my favourite Rawkyn Clay Mask. This Heat Cap is an affordable, budget-friendly, and safe option to add heat and get your curls looking HOT! 


  • Apply your deep conditioning mask - pay special attention to your tips!
  • Wear a plastic bag or a plastic shower cap.
  • Wear this heat cap over it and keep for 20minutes.
  • Rinse hair with warm water and style as usual! 

Did you know? The Curious Jalebi uses one too! Check out her fantastic video to learn the how and the whys of deep conditioning! 

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