Brazilian Combing Crème Formulated for All Hair Porosity 7.35oz
Cachos Brazil

Brazilian Combing Crème Formulated for All Hair Porosity 7.35oz

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Combing Crème is a revolutionizing deep moisturizer that is both a styler and a detangler. It offers your hair amazing definition as it coats and shapes every strand and control frizz. It smoothes the cuticles back into alignment. Plus it seals in moisture for maximum hydration, quenching dry hair. As a detangler this emollient crème provides plenty of slip to reduce friction, the comb glides through tangles to prevent breakage and knots. Combing Cremes is an ideal hair primer as it coats each strand to protect the hair during the styling process and weather damage. During 2nd day hair, the crème reactivates your curl just by spraying water to your hair. Make sure to adopt Brazilian Combing Crème as part of your healthy hair regimen. It truly is the best thing that happened to curly hair. 

Nutrients & Vitamins

Cachos Brazil has chosen ingredients that are super rich with nutrients, conditioning and vitamins. Our blend of powerful oils of Pracaxi and Babassu Oil, draws and seals moisture into the hair. It penetrates the hair cuticles to style the hair from the inside out, leaving the hair soft, moisturized, nourished and shiny, without a heavy appearance. The result is gorgeous hair all day, volume, frizz free and defined curls.

Who Can Use Our Combing Crème?

Every type of hair will benefit from this amazing crème. This light weight crème provides plenty of slip and curl definition while conditioning and protecting the hair from weather damage and frizz.

How to Use

Apply Combing Crème to freshly washed hair. Section hair into 4-6 sections.  Apply a small amount of Combing Crème and apply to hair row by row, raking (shingling) the product through hair from root to tip. Start from the back sections and move to the front. Let hair air dry, sit underneath a drier, or use a diffuser.  

-Use the complete Cachos Brazil Hair Care to boost results.

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