The Philosophy of Honest Products’ Ingredients

I started this store for my community in India after realising that most hair products in our market contain ingredients that are bad for my hair. It seemed like everything had drying alcohols in hair gels or harsh detergents in shampoos. It was so painful to buy at double the retail price from international online stores, to pay intercontinental shipping and customs charges OMG...  Nothing I used locally back in 2017 treated my naturally curly hair with the respect it deserved. I wanted you to know why I avoid certain ingredients in Honest products sold here. 


Let's start with silicones. Silicones are viscous oily liquids that coat the hair shaft in gloss, giving the illusion of healthy sheen. As most curly hair tends to be dry and often frizzy, silicones seem like the miracle ingredient to combat these complaints. But oftentimes they’re not.

The downside is that most silicones are not water-soluble, meaning they can’t be dissolved in water. This is a problem because it means they can only be removed with harsh detergents. The very detergents needed to remove the silicones strip the hair of all its natural oils. This leaves it frizzy and straw-like. 

This tricks you into thinking you need more silicones to combat the dryness. Thus, the cycle begins again. If you don’t use these detergents to remove the silicones, they build up, creating a barrier on the hair shaft. This barrier prevents moisturising conditioners from penetrating the hair and further drying it out.

The products sold here do not have any silicones. The ingredients on the products sold here IMPROVE your hair health rather than masking damage, the result is healthier curls and bouncier waves!  


Many hair gels contain SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol. These ingredients are usually included to help dry your hair faster during the styling process. However, they also dry hair out over time which leaves the user desperate for something to fix the dryness. 

You’ll note the ingredients lists only for the Curly Ellie Mask does contain drying alcohol. isopropyl alcohol, to be exact. Isopropyl alcohol as an anti-foaming perfuming ingredient and to also control the viscosity so it is used in a very minuscule amount that won’t really be noticeable. It is less than 0.0088 of the total product so it doesn’t have any negative effects. It’s been used on curlies around the world (including me) for well over a year now. 

There ARE, however, certain types of alcohols that are actually good for the hair. These are what give that creamy consistency to most conditioners. The good ones are Lauryl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol and Behenyl alcohol. 

The bad ones are SD alcohol, SD alcohol 40, Alcohol denat, Propanol, Propyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol. You’ll never find any of the bad ones in any of the products sold ont his website and should avoid them altogether. They're really just horrible for curly hair.


Another problem area for curly hair is shampoo. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair. Oils naturally produced by the scalp have a hard time making their way down all of our loopy ringlets. 

Add to this that most curly heads (with good reason) don't brush their hair and you have the potential for real dryness. Even hair that is not chemically treated is at risk. When using a shampoo that has sulfate surfactants, the curls often are left stripped, parched and feeling like straw. 

By using only safe products ensures that you have a good hair day EVERY day, not just on wash day.

Just like honest brands like Jessicurl, Curly Ellie, and many others sold on this store, I believe in treating your hair with the respect it deserves and that you’ll love the results.