The Need to Know

Hey, thanks for choosing HonestProducts, this unconventional store runs on trust and which is why I want to bring the following facts to your attention to help you understand waiting periods for preorders can be uncertain but that doesn’t in anyway jeopardize your order:

  • These are all international products. None of these products are manufactured in India, and therefore the transit time is more than usual.
  • Since these products are coming from other countries like USA, UK and other European Countries, they sometimes get stuck in Customs before they are released to us. 
  • We support small women-run businesses and the products are not mass produced, they are often made to order.
  • The store is run by one person, who handles all aspects from marketing, to finance to shipping. So order processing time is unconventional as well.


I hope this helps you understand why your product is not here yet, rest assured that it will be shipped to you as soon as it is in our hands.

Please go through the Instagram store page for customer testimonials who have been our patrons since the beginning in case you want assurances of a fellow customer. However, if you are unwilling to wait any longer, kindly reach out to us over email and we will get the refund process started.

For any other queries, please go through the Prebooking Policies and Guidelines here: