Sell Your Preloved Products Here

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Picture this. You bought a 16 ounce bottle of gel last month. You've used some of it. You like it, but ... you also want to try something new! Problem is, you can't do that because you already have so much. And it isn't smart to buy more until the old one's done. Right? 

Enter Honest Exchanges. Here's how it works.

  1. You email the picture and video of your used hair care product and we will arrange pickup after approval. 
  2. I'll evaluate the product, and give you store credit for it.
  3. You can use that store credit to buy something else  - anything on the store!
  4. I'll put up your used product for sale, so someone else can try something new without paying full price.

Disclaimer and important notes

  • Service charge applicable to seller - INR 99
  • Shipping charges to be borne by Buyer and Seller 
  • Selling Price mutually finalised after receiving+verifying product sent by Seller
  • Product should be at least 3 months before the expiry date. 
  • Products must be "CG" approved - Use "isitcg" website to confirm safety before offering to sell. 

The Benefits?

  • You get rid of something you don't want. You get to buy something new (with the store credit).
  • Someone else gets to try a product safely, without paying full price for it if they're not sure it'll work.
  • I will evaluate every single used product, so each item for sale will come with the Honest Products guarantee.
  • It encourages everyone to experiment and try new products while saving money along the way!
Basically... EVERYBODY WINS!
If you have something you want to exchange, contact us and let's chat.