Welcome to Hair Miles!

Hair Miles is my way of saying thank you for visiting or returning to this store. #HonestLiz

Now, whenever you shop for something here, you will earn Honest Points. For every one rupee you spend on the store, you’ll get five points, and you can save those points to get discounts on products on the store. All products! No exceptions! 

To learn more about the Hair Miles program:

  1. Log into the store using your existing account.

  2. Look for the pink button at the bottom right of the screen and tap or click it.

There you will see the total points you have right now, the next reward tier you can earn, ways you can earn points, and a list of all available rewards.

You will also see a URL, unique to you, that lets you refer your friends and loved ones to the store. This referral program gets you and them discounts on purchases! Win-Win! 

How to use the Referal Link:

Tap/click on the link shared with you only when you are ready to check out.  After clicking on the link shared with you, wait for a few seconds for the code to POP!  Then check out for your discount! The link is active for 10minutes only. 


  • The referral code works on orders above INR 1899
  • Referral-Fraud detectors are in place to minimize this program’s exposure to referral abuse. If suspicious activity is observed by the app, it will not allow you the discount. 

Thank you for your continued patronage, boo. I hope you enjoy shopping at this store as much as I enjoy keeping the lights on for you. Stay happy, healthy, and natural.

Much love,