Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to my webshop, boo! 

How do I Shop? 

Create an account first! You’ll need one so you can track your orders. In your order history, just click on the order number and it gives you more detail.


How Do I Reset My Password?

To reset your password, please click on “Forgot my Password” option available in Sign in/Register page. A link to set new password will be mailed to your registered Email ID.


How to know my Order is confirmed?

You will receive the order confirmation email to your registered email account immediately after you checkout. If you don't receive an email but money is deducted by the payment gateway then please contact us immediately so we can resolve it.  


How Can I Edit My Personal Info?

To edit your personal info, you can visit “My Account” to make the changes you want.
How Do I Contact Honest Products?

I work alone from 9am to 4pm (Mon-Fri). You can email us at HonestCustomerCare@gmail for any queries, requests, and complaints or just to say Hi!


What Happens If My Credit/Debit Card Has Been Compromised While Making A Payment Online?

We do not collect or store your credit card information. If you suspect any such thing, then please report this immediately to your bank.


How do I check my Order Status?

Visit 'My Account'.

When you’ve successfully checked out, your orders are captured in your order historyVisit your Order History for tracking details too! 

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What if I receive something other than I ordered?

This doesn’t happen often but, sometimes manual errors are totally possible. Just contact us within 24hrs of receiving the package ideally the time you open your package and we will sort this out. Allow me to serve you better next time.


What should I do if I have more questions?

Contact me via email. For general queries, you can ask on the customer-only Telegram group. If I’m not on hand to answer immediately, the beauties here are always happy to help.


Customer-Only Telegram group!

This is a customer-only Telegram group. This is a very special group because before any announcement made on IG, this group gets early-bird access to new stock!! You can also swap products here, ask for reviews, watch the daily transformation from real people! If you’re already a paid customer but aren’t on our special group then contact us to become a member today! 


Disclaimer: As a service provider, I reserve the rights to offer or reject my services to individuals. At any point, if you are unhappy with my service or communication, feel free to alert me so we can resolve any disputes amicably. 

Thank you for choosing Honest Products