Wavy Hair Products!

Want to make your wavy hair look good naturally, without heat damage?

Were you looking for a trusted wavy hair routine?

Since one of my daughters is a wavy girl, I know all about making waves pop! Here are tried, tested, and winning methods to get defined, shiny waves – of your dreams!


Basically, you don't need many products, but here is a quick list of categories, and so within this category, you can pick any product! 

    • Shampoo/Cowash
    • Oil for scalp massage, hair growth
    • Deep conditioner - Protein one! (use weekly for extremely dry hair or every two weeks is enough for you)
    • Styler can be either curl cream, leavein conditioner, or a hairspray. If you want more definition or hold like curls, then only invest in a gel or else, leave your waves alone and let them dance as they naturally can be :) 

Best Cleansers for Wavy Hair

Curly Ellie - This gently conditions hair, while detangling and moisturizing your hair to create soft, manageable waves. It conditions whilst providing shine and bounce - restoring much-needed protein and nourishment to the hair.

Inahsi Naturals - This shampoo-conditioner leaves a minty fresh feeling on your scalp and hair. If you enjoy those sensations then this is the combo for you. 

Both brands have deep conditioning mask as well, I would recommend using one brand shampoo-conditioner-mask for best results.  

Best Deep Conditioner for Wavy Hair 

Best Stylers for Wavy Hair 

  • Curly Ellie Leavein (make sure to apply ear-below and twirl sections to define your waves) Needs a gel for additional hold. 
  • Rio Mist - This lightweight leave-in conditioner offers superior conditioning, protection, and softness. Needs a gel for additional hold. Can be applied on dry hair on non-wash days to refresh! 
  • Inhasi Custard Gel This natural styling custard will leave your hair moisturized, defined and oh so shiny. The panthenol along with the rich oils of avocado and coconut help to strengthen the hair.
  • Curly Girl Movement Gel - This is a hard hold gel and works alone! Make sure you shampoo-clarify this properly to avoid buildup.

All the best boo!