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Got dry, frizzy hair? Want to look bomb even without washing hair? Get any of this stuff.

You can totally rock with anything you see on the internet. However, this is to remind you that, ultimately, what you put in your hair is your business. And that brave decision has to stem from the knowledge of what your hair needs, right now.

Curl Creams

Used to boost moisture, which frizzy hair needs anyway because frizz is lack of moisture. If your hair is dry, it could be two things. Either you have too much moisture or too little. Yes, too much moisture causes frizz also. Ah! The irony. Remember that leave-in conditioners help you detangle your hair and add moisture? A curl cream may do that and give you definition as well. If your hair is already moisturised and defined then you may not need this at all. Anyway, purchase at your own discretion; here are my recommendations:

Cachos Brazil Combing Creme

It's a deep moisturizer, which also doubles as a curl cream to help you enhance your curl pattern and get better curl clumps! This lightweight crème provides plenty of slip and curl definition while also conditioning and protecting the hair from weather damage and frizz. FOR VERY FRIZZY HAIR, USE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT.

Curly Ellie Defining Leave-in Conditioner

You don’t have to follow with a gel after using this if you have wavy hair or already moisturised hair. If you have dry hair, this will moisturise and give you better definition. FOR VERY FRIZZY HAIR, USE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT. The brand recommends you use their Detangling Spray over this for hold. I’ve tried this combination and it works! Gave me great hair for 3 days! No refresh! Watch below:

Jim+Henry Eight

Wavy hair thrives with creams and this one is very light. You can use it on dry hair also to get immediate definition without having to wet or rewash your hair! The super clean ingredients make is especially suitable for all children above the age of 1yr! Make sure to use this leave-in to nourish and define your bub's thick texture.  FOR VERY FRIZZY HAIR, USE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT.

Only Curls CREME

Nourish your curls with this hydrating curl creme that smoothes curls and minimises frizz. The special blend of Shea Butter, Marula Oil and Aloe, naturally replenishes moisture and restores. You can use this, direct, without a leave-in conditioner. For best results follow with Only Curls Enhancing Gel. Check out our video tutorials here

Curl Enhancers

If you have already well-defined curl clumps or dreamy frizz-free waves, then you probably don’t need it at all. As a beginner, though, when you want to train your curls to clump, or waves to clump then this is one of the must-haves!

Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets

Rockin’ Ringlets is a powerful curl enhancer that will boost waves into curls and make your ringlets rock! It has a thin consistency and light-to-medium hold so it won’t give you ramen noodle hair, but helps control frizz all while allowing your hair to stay touchably soft. If you wanted to try if it works alone, then remember to give your hair a moisturising leave-in base before application.

Jessicurl Confident Coils

It’s a creamy styling product with a consistency thin enough to make it easy to distribute through even the tightest, kinkiest curls. It creates amazing definition and provides excellent humidity protection. By itself, it’s not super curl enhancing, which makes it great for tighter curl patterns looking to elongate rather than enhance curls. For those with looser curls, using it with Rockin’ Ringlets will give you all the bounce, definition and frizz control you need.

Curl Keeper Original

This product is a liquid water-based potion, which means you can use it every day without product buildup. Your curly hairstyle will last for days as its unique formula re-activates with water, making Curl Keeper Original 100% effective in all weather conditions, especially humidity. FOR VERY FRIZZY HAIR, USE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT. 


You may cringe at the idea of walking around with crunchy hair - and yes, some gels make your hair very hard-crunchy with their “gel cast”. However, what gels are really doing is forming that protective film over your hair. Locking in all the moisture you just boosted with your other stylers, as suggested above.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

It is mostly a gel with a little bit of cream. 80% Gel and 20% cream. It will leave your hair feeling weightless and it will lock your curl shape in for a long time, reducing frizz. This light formula will not weigh your hair down and it will allow you to create volume. It has aloe which can restore hair back to health. This product is for all hair types and all ethnicities. The protein in this formulation works even for protein-sensitive hair, according to testimonies on their IG posts and website. Although it has glycerin, the jojoba esters in the formulation make this gel work even in humidity.

Only Curls - Enhancing Curl Gel

Define your curls with this oil infused gel that holds curls in shape while adding shine and moisture. The special blend of Avocado Oil, Kukui Oil and Aloe, naturally hydrates curls, minimises frizz and maximises curl impact. If you prefer naturally looking soft, but defined curls, get this. 

Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel

Spiralicious is much thicker than Confident Coils and very gel-like in consistency but does not flake in the hair like many gels can. While it can dry crunchy, that initial crunch scrunches out really easily, leaving the hair very soft to the touch, but the curls hold up all day. No ramen-noodle curls here! Protein and Glycerin-free!  

Curl Keeper Gel

Curl Keeper Gel with panthenol gives ultimate holding power without flakiness or crispiness. A water-based formula, Curl Keeper Gel leaves no product buildup and supports any curly hairstyle for longer. This product has protein, so high porosity hair will thrive in it. If you are medium or low porosity, make sure to balance by using protein-free creams/leave-in before application.



This section is basically products you can use right after washing, on clean hair, or for your refreshes on non-wash days. If you have thicker or drier hair than normal, then of course, focus on your deep conditioning routine. Also, remember to use a conditioner and leave some in just to offer a nice moisturising base for these one-hit-wonders to work best on your hair!

Hair Sprays

Bounce Curl HairSpray

BounceCurl Hair Spray is a medium-to-strong hold hairspray. It is perfect for any time of year and works well in the humid environments of summer. Remember that too much Hair Spray product can make your hair stiff. Using the right amount of BounceCurl HairSpray means you will get the right hold without having to use lots of product! This hairspray is a big bang for your buck because it will last you a long time.


Curly Ellie Detangling Spray

Spray that gently conditions hair, while detangling and moisturising your hair to create soft, manageable curls. It conditions whilst providing shine and bounce - restoring much-needed protein and nourishment to the hair. Of course, it doubles as a detangler, so use it to detangle your hair and EXTRA TLC before wash.

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