Before you pick up a shampoo, take a minute to think what do you want the shampoo to do for you.

How often do you want to shampoo?

Daily? Then cowash daily instead and then clarify once a week



Do you want it to CLARIFY? 

    Clarifying hair is super important. These products just make it simple and less time-consuming. However, if you feel like you can't afford these products, at the moment, you can do this DIY until you get a store-bought clarifying shampoo, learn more:


    Learn more about "cowashing" from my beginner's guide - Click here. Or watch this video. The technique is similar regardless of which cowash you use. Remember to follow with a conditioner after cowash or shampoo! 

    Need a shampoo that also moisturizes AND cleans? 

     Best Shampoo for Wavy hair

    Best Shampoo for Kids!