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Do you have scary hair fall during wash? If you don't detangle daily, wash your hair every 3-4 days, AND have dry hair uske upper, then tangles are unstoppable. You'll be at war in the bathroom and this war you will lose, and lose a lot of hair you will too! 

There is a solution! You can control the hair loss that happens while you wash your hair. HOW? PREPOO! Prepare your hair before shampoo/cowash!

How To Prepoo 

What is it? It’s preparing your hair before shampoo.

Why do it? To make hair soft and manageable during wash, decreasing overall breakage and hair loss.

When to do it? On dry hair before wash, going overnight is optional

What is the goal? To detangle and moisturize hair enough, so shampoo/cowash doesn’t strip all moisture out.

What to use: Your favorite oil, curl cream, or intense oil serums. Using conditioner is optional for a better slip to help you detangle.

Can this be cowashed? Yes! This depends on how much oil/product you use. This is not deep conditioning so be gentle, and light.

Method: Section your hair and coat hair with product and detangle, gently. Scalp Massage. Cover with a shower cap (important!!)

How long to keep it? At least 20 minutes before wash. You can keep it overnight. You decide based on how your hair feels

Learn more from my comprehensive article here

Best Products to help you Detangle & Moisturise hair

RRO - Righteous Roots Prepoo Oil - This oil is specifically designed for this method. It has coconut oil, olive oil, and no essential oils so this makes it perfect to use on children too. I’ve had consistent glossy wash days with this product. This particular blend of oil helps you detangle your hair without struggle/hair breakage, or hair loss! Plus it smells like cupcakes so your children will enjoy their 'champi" sessions even more! 



Curly Ellie Detangling Spray - This gently conditions hair, while detangling and moisturising your hair to create soft, manageable curls. It conditions whilst providing shine and bounce - restoring much-needed protein and nourishment to the hair. It's a multi-purpose product, can be used for styling (after cream or leave-in for hold) or for simple daily refreshes on non-wash days. 


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Do you struggle with tangles? Here comes @curlyellie detangling spray to the rescue! . . . . This is my #day4✔️ hair with no refreshes Everrrrrr since wash day (yay!) but I wash my hair every 4th day now; so today is the day. BUT since I haven’t refreshed or Detangled my hair in 4 days, it was a toughie situation. Yes, some hair fall was there but that’s just a culmination of the last 4 days’ hair fall which was still stuck inside 🤷‍♀️ . . Thank God for @curlyellie tho, for making this aloe juicy liquid and to come to my rescue today! 😍❤️☑️ . If you struggle with tangles, this is the product to use. I love using it for prepoo, or sometimes to refresh also, it’s an all rounder, this one! . . If you haven’t already, check my LIVE video today, when you get a few minutes - you will see how I prepoo (since that’s what we’re talking about from the last few posts now) check it out! Let me know what you thinks 😉 . . #honestliz #prepoo #detangler #detangling #detangle #detanglingbrush #hairpik #curlyellie #curlyhairprobz #curlyhairproblems

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Best Products to help you Moisturise hair and scalp! Caring for your scalp promotes healthy hair growth, removes buildup that causes dull hair and scalp imbalances, and calms scalp. 

Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment with Pracaxi & Babassu Oil - This butter-like- consistency-product strengthens the hair's structure to prevent breakage during daily hair manipulation, weather, and shampooing. It's also ideal for scalp care to help with beautiful healthy growth. Make it part of your wash day, especially if you are transitioning, have high porosity or damaged hair. 



Flower Garden Hair Styling Butter - It instantly absorbs into strands to deliver the ultimate shine. This a base of Organic Shea Butter with the curl defining oil of Sweet Almond and shine promoting Coconut Oil and Camellia Oil to help your hair get more moisture before you shampoo! A multi-purpose product you can use for styling (to seal the ends after applying your cream/gel). Use for a simple refresh by applying lightly to hair, shower cap, and steam for 5-10min. Boom. 

Perfect mid-week, one-and-done!

Hair of Nature, Clay Cowash A clay infused conditioner to exfoliate your scalp and replenish hair of minerals needed to sustain hair and scalp health. Apply on DRY hair, massage, work it in, keep with/without heat cap, rinse in 10-20min with warm water, rinse, and style! 



Gold Rawkyn - Gold Rawkyn is formulated to care for your scalp while helping prevent frizz. Grape seed oil helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizz. Gold Rawkyn also contains just the right amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and is great for combating build-up. Rubbing Gold Rawkyn onto the scalp in a circular motion (basically a scalp massage) gently exfoliates and loosens the skin while allowing the oil to be absorbed. It's a one and done (moderate application) Apply, keep 5-10min, rinse with warm water and style! 

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