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What is a Prebooking Sale?

  • This is a community shopping event; taking place a few times month only.I
  • If you missed one sale, you can join the next one. 
  • Starts precisely at 9pm and ends within 48hrs. 
  • It's always a surprise sale so you want to follow the Store IG page to learn more. 

What is Prebooking?

  • Opportunity to advance book products before it’s in stock.
  • Pay now, get your item - guaranteed! - as soon as stock arrives.
  • All orders are shipped upon arrival!

What is the waiting period?

  • 21 days (maximum) 
  • International products they take time to arrive in India and customs clearance takes even longer sometimes. 
  • if there is any delay (over 21 days) you will be notified via email and Customer-Only Telegram Group! 

Will it actually take 6 weeks, really

NO, not unless there is a special reason like brands going out of stock from the manufacturing side. This is especially true since we deal with small businesses only. Another not-in-my-control reason is a customs hold up. Other than these two, we try our best to get your goodies ASAP! 

When should I order and when should I prebook?

  • Only prebook if you are willing to wait for new stock to arrive.
  • To make sure you don't miss your fav product when it is in stock.

Order Cancellation

If, for any reason, you change your mind about your prebooking or do not wish to wait any longer, cancel your order and take store credit to purchase any in-stock item in the same week. Remember to email so I don’t miss your DM. 


I have just the article for you, boo. Visit this link to learn more about how this unconventional store runs and what to expect in a prebooking situation.  

Due to the volume of prebookings currently open, individual emails/DMs will not be entertained. Repeat offenders will get their orders cancelled on harassment charges. 

To check the status of your prebookings, real-time updates, return to the Customer-Only Telegram Group.

Please email if you are not a part of this elite group already :) 

Thank you for choosing Honest Products <3


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