Beginner Bundle

Beginner Bundle

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New to CG method? Don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick lineup to help you start today!

Use these Giovanni products in this order:

Cleansing Routine

  1. Prepoo with any oil blend of your choice
  2. Deeper Moisture Shampoo
  3. Deep Conditioning Mask of your choice  
  4. Deeper Moisture Conditioner 

If your hair is fine density or Low Porosity Hair then use a hair mask before shampoo!

For High Porosity Hair, use Cream or Milk before gel for extra moisture!

Styling Routine

  1. Apply your trusty Leave-in or Cream
  2. LA HOLD Styling Gel
  3. Air Dry of Diffuse!

Find Budget dryer-diffuser on Honest Liz Amazon Shop to speed up drying time and also, did you know? Diffusing enhances curl or wave pattern! 


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