Our Mission

All our lives we have been told curly hair looks wild. We were told big hair is crazy and frizzy hair is messy. Who didn’t hear, “you should straighten your hair” growing up? Or feel that they should slick back their hair to look professional? Founder, Jackie Serchuk, heard all those things. That’s why she created curly hair products through Soigné.

Soigné means “to possess an aura of sophistication and elegance”. Our mission is to create handcrafted, natural curly hair products so that every curly girl who has experienced feeling like their natural hair was a wild, unprofessional mess knows her natural hair is beautiful and soigné.

About Jackie

I am a New Jersey native, now residing in Baltimore, MD. After straightening my hair chemically for 10+ years, I finally decided enough was enough, and that it was time to embrace my natural hair. My ultimate dream has always been to own and operate my own business, so in 2017 I decided to do just that. I took my passion of curly hair and merged it with my dream and created the curly hair products you see today. It is my goal to help others embrace and love their natural hair by providing resources, routines, curly girl approved products.