Weekly Bomb Update – Honest Products Here

Welcome boo 🙌🏽 Happy New Year!! Vegan & Cruelty-free Brands here to make your hair Healthy, and You, more confident in 2019

Weekly Bomb Update

All Orders are processed within 4-5 days of order.

Expected Any Day:  Puff Cuffs
Expected Later: Rx Oil, Rawkyn, Cachos CremeFlora & Curl , Rawkyn to be back in Stock by end of August only. Thank you for waiting. 

Prebooking service is now Open! Learn more, visit Prebooking Guideline here. 

If you cannot wait any longer for your prebooked order to arrive, you can cancel anytime and use STORE CREDIT to order in-stock goodies, please Email for an amicable exchange :) 

Thank you for choosing Honest Products <3

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