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About me

Heyyyy I'm Liz  


Welcome to my little, God-sent corner of the internet, I’m here to serve you. 

When I turned to the "Curly Girl Method" in May 2017, it was super expensive to buy from Amazon. When I started my CG journey I had to wait for weeks, sometimes over 2 months to try a new product, not to forget the huge customs duties I have paid against each shipment. 

I had a problem and I figured my curl friends faced the same issue.

These issues made me want to bring these products to a store on-shore, and make it available to us all, at affordable prices.

Anyway, I learn by experience, love to teach and try new things so I also figured why not combine my passion for natural haircare into something so viable that changes people's lives! 

My drive? Your Happy Hair! 

So, help me to help you. There can be delays in shipments, something that I cannot control. If you have prebooked, and have questions on whether this works for you, check Prebooking Page 

And, if you feel that the pre-booking waiting-time-is-killing-you, then write to me at <honestproductshere @ gmail.com>, subject line: "Cancel My Pre-booking" with the details. Grab a store credit to purchase any in-stock item, or refund, as appropriate.

Thank you for your support, Boo! 

The Cornerstone 

In just a year, we got over 20 brands and 50 different products to over 5000 customers!!!! Products here are my favorite things that I use and love, all cruelty-free, and sustainable Now in India, for the FIRST time!

Double check my Instagram (IG), YouTube, and I have a blog for product reviews too. Come, say hi if you visit me there! 

To learn more about the store and how it works, visit FAQ

Thank you for choosing Honest Products!

I can't wait to serve you.